Jenny Edwards interview: Overview

Jenny Edwards

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Brief background

Jenny Edwards is a member of the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia since 1976. Jenny is the consummate mentor, encouraging a multitude of students in various disciplines to complete their dissertations and research.

In addition to her work at UTS, Jenny has maintained a joint research study agreement with IBM for nearly 20 years. In 2007, Jenny received a Carrick Associate Fellowship to study novice programmers, with specific attention to females.

Interview materials

This section includes the audio and transcript of the interview with Jenny Edwards, conducted on January 18, 2006 in Hobart, Tasmania by Barbara Boucher Owens.

Audio of interview [42 minutes]

PDF of interview transcript
[13 pages, 521 transcribed lines of text]

Other information about Jenny Edwards

Video clip: An interesting conclusion to her career: Learning about teaching during a fellowship

  • About 29 seconds; PDF transcript of video clip is located further down under the video
  • This video clip is also available on CEOHP’s YouTube channel