Joy Teague interview: Overview

Joy Teague

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Brief background

Joy Teague received her PhD in 2000 and immediately retired from the Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. She worked for some time as a programmer before entering the teaching profession at the college level, where she was frequently the only woman in the department. Joy has conducted pioneering research into the experiences of women in computing.

At the time of this interview, Joy Teague was working as a private computer consultant.

Interview materials

This section includes the audio and transcript of the interview with Joy Teague, conducted on January 14, 2006 in Clifton Springs, Victoria by Barbara Boucher Owens.

Audio of interview [about 1 hour 5 minutes]

PDF of interview transcript
[24 pages, 1048 transcribed lines of text]

Other information about Joy Teague

Video clip: Starting or retiring? How a trip to China helped motivate doing research

  • Recorded 4, 2008
  • About 2 minutes 6 seconds; PDF transcript of video clip is located further down under the video
  • This video clip is also available on CEOHP’s YouTube channel