Susan Gerhart interview: Overview

Susan Gerhart

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Brief background

Susan Gerhart is a semi-retired computer scientist who has had a far-reaching career in academia, including Wang Institute of Graduate Studies and undergraduate programs at University of Toronto, Duke University, and Embry-Riddle University. Her primary research has been in the field of formal methods at USC Information Sciences Institute and the MCC Austin Research Consortium. She has also worked with NASA Langley Research Center and NASA Johnson Space Center in research and technology transfer and at the National Science Foundation as a Division Director.

Susan Gerhart’s more recent work focuses on how to use technology to overcome vision loss. Susan’s fascination with software code started during the Sputnik era and has continued through logic programming, search analysis, and educational animation.

Interview materials

This section includes the audio and transcript of the interview with Susan Gerhart, conducted on March 10, 2008 in Austin, TX USA by Vicki Almstrum.

Audio of interview [1 hour 8 minutes]

PDF of interview transcript
[27 pages, 1,167 transcribed lines of text]

Links to other information about Susan Gerhart

Video clip: Sputnik’s influence on Susan’s Gerhart’s career choice

  • Recorded October 2009
  • About 9 minutes; PDF transcript of video clip is located further down under the video
  • This video clip is also available on CEOHP’s YouTube channel

Sample analysis

Cloud analysis for the interview with Susan Gerhart