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June 26, 2008

Educational Activities

Computing Educators Investigate Influences that Drive CS as Career Path

The Computing Educators Oral History Project (CEOHP), a grassroots project 
to capture computer history with a special focus on education, is supported 
by ACM's Committee on Women in Computing (ACM-W), ACM's Special Interest 
Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), the National Center for Women 
in IT (NCWIT), and NSF. The project, which is led by Barbara Boucher Owens 
of Southwestern University, began with a Working Group at the 2005 ITiCSE 
conference, which established a protocol for conducting interviews to 
investigate the influences that inspired, supported, or discouraged 
individuals who followed this career path. The ultimate goal of CEOHP 
is a searchable repository of artifacts that includes items such as digital 
audio, video, transcripts, and photos. In addition, CEOHP will include 
associated instructional materials designed for use at the pre-college 
and college levels, with a particular eye toward supporting recruitment 
and retention of under-represented groups. The goal is to balance the 
collection with respect to factors such as gender, ethnicity, geography, 
institution size, and academic rank. One strategy will be to interview 
individuals recognized with awards such as the Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding 
Educator Award and the SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contributions to 
Computer Science Education. To date, the CEOHP site includes audio 
files and transcripts for 17 individuals, with additional interviews 
being prepared. A new Working Group will convene at the 2008 ITiCSE 
conference in Madrid later this month. 
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