Boots Cassel interview: Overview

Lillian (Boots) Cassel

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Brief background

Lillian (Boots) Cassel has been on the faculty of the Computing Sciences Department at Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA since 1987. She has been a leader in computer science accreditation and has led a number of projects designed to support computing education faculty and students, such as an ontology of all topics related to computing and a repository for educational materials for pre-college computer science. She has been very active in the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and SIGCSE, serving in a variety of roles over the course of her career. She received the SIGCSE Award for Lifetime Service in 2001, with the citation “Past chair of SIGCSE, and its Technical Symposium, leader in computer science accreditation, tireless advocate for computer science education supporting both faculty and students.”

At the time of this interview, Boots Cassel was a Full Professor at Villanova University.

Interview materials

This section includes the audio and transcript of the interview with Boots Cassel, conducted on March 4, 2009 in Chattanooga, Tennessee USA by Vicki Almstrum.

Audio of interview [2 hours 15 minutes]

PDF interview transcript
[38 pages, 1,693 transcribed lines of text]

Other information about Lillian (Boots) Cassel

Video clip: First experience at SIGCSE

  • Recorded March 2010
  • About 4 minutes 35 seconds; PDF transcript of video clip is located further down under the video
  • This video clip is also available on CEOHP’s YouTube channel