CEOHP for educators

Welcome to CEOHP! We hope you will find information that is useful in your teaching. These lesson plans and other materials can inspire pre-college and undergraduate teachers for how to incorporate the CEOHP interviews into their teaching. A general information page about these materials is also included in the CSTA’s Online Repository of K-12 Computer Science Teaching and Learning Materials.

If you develop teaching tools that incorporate material from this site or further adapt the materials already here, please consider sharing your ideas so we can adapt them and include them in our offerings.

Teaching materials: We have developed some teaching materials in the form of lesson plans, designed to fit with CEOHP and encourage students to explore the interviews. This includes a jigsaw activity (small group work), a flash card activity, and plans for how to use the interviews as inspiration for essay questions (also discussed below).

Essay Question Ideas: We have summarized statements from the interviews as the basis for essay questions that encourage students to think deeply as they write about particular issues.

Notable Quotes: For each interview, we have collected a set of statements that amused us, intrigued us, or made us think. Each notable quote provides a great jumping-off place for browsing the interviews.

Literary References: Many interviewees mentioned literary references, including books read for fun or used in teaching, as well as films used in class. Browse these references for ideas you can adapt for your own use in the classroom.

Cloud Views: Word clouds and tag clouds provide a way to represent meanings and themes from the interviews in a creative manner. We have summarized this work-in-progress and encourage teachers to adapt these techniques in their own teaching.