The people who make CEOHP happen

A project like CEOHP is only possible with the help of many dedicated volunteers. These pages provide information about several categories of participants.

Project leadership

This project has been moved forward by a diverse group of individuals. Several of the project leaders have also been interviewed for the CEOHP collection.

  • Leadership group: The individuals who have taken a leadership role since the project began.
  • CEOHP interviewers: The individuals responsible for arranging, conducting, and preparing for release the interviews in this collection.
  • ITiCSE 2005 Working Group: This Working Group developed the initial guidelines for the project during the ITiCSE 2005 conference in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • ITiCSE 2008 Working Group: A second Working Group met during the ITiCSE 2008 conference in Madrid, Spain to revisit and refine the project guidelines and to consider approaches to analyzing the interviews and discovering trends.

See the page with brief biographies for all of these individuals.

Materials developers

Several individuals have contributed educational materials that incorporate interviews from the CEOHP collection. These materials can be appropriate for instruction in pre-college and university settings.


A number of undergraduate students have contributed to CEOHP in various ways.

Other individuals and groups

Others who have made this project possible .

  • Reviewers: individuals who have reviewed the site and the interviews, as well as the working group reports and other publications
  • Focus group members: individuals with various types of expertise who have provided feedback regarding specific aspects of the project
  • Advisory group members: individuals who provide input to the project leaders regarding next steps and future vision
  • Individuals from supporting organizations: the supporting organizations help publicize CEOHP and provide various forms of direct and indirect support
  • Technical support at Southwestern University: the technical staff at Southwestern University has been an important part of making the CEOHP website operate as it should
  • ACM History Committee: Members of the ACM History Committee have been a key source of advice and support since Barbara Boucher Owens and Vicki Almstrum joined the committee in December 2015. The History Committee has provided the opportunity to shift CEOHP from being hosted at Southwestern University to becoming an exemplar project for SIG Heritage.