The people who make CEOHP happen: Interviewers

The role of “interviewer” is vital to the success of an Oral History Project.

On this page, we present the individuals who have conducted the interviews in the CEOHP collection. Each interviewer must go through training in techniques that lead to a well-conducted and informative oral history. The preparation process involves learning more about the interviewee’s background and history in order to customize the core set of questions. The interviewer goes to the interview prepared with the adapted questions, the interviewee’s CV and other background materials, recording equipment, and anything else needed to ensure a successful and informative interview.

Once the interview is completed, the interviewer helps ensure the recordings are properly saved and backed up. Some interviewers help with the transcription process, but all serve an important role in reviewing and correcting the transcript. Below are the individuals who have served as interviewers for CEOHP to date.