CEOHP for researchers

This section covers issues that we, as researchers, had to explore and understand in order to bring the project to its current state. Many of the central ideas were generated during the two ITiCSE Working Groups that convened (in 2005 and 2008) to define procedural issues for CEOHP.

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Protocols and techniques: The protocols and techniques we have used emerged from the 2005 ITiCSE working group and have evolved over the years as we have gained experience. This page summarizes some of the key aspects and tools we have developed.

Legal and archival issues: The legal and archival issues page provides information about legal issues, including forms, and our quest for a long-term archival solution for the interview materials.

CEOHP publications: The publications page categorizes all of the publications related to CEOHP and includes links to these documents as appropriate.

Cited works, 2005 + 2008: The outside references page summarizes the outside references we have used in various documents, including the 2005 and 2008 ITiCSE working group reports.

Evaluation process: The evaluation section provides an overview of the evaluation procedures we have followed to ensure the quality and usefulness of the collection.

Analysis approaches: The analysis approaches page explains the analysis approaches that we have used in our efforts to interpret the collection and make meaning from the interviews.