ITiCSE 2005 Working Group

The Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education conference (ITiCSE) is a SIGCSE conference that has been held annually since 1996. This conference brings together delegates from all over the world to address pressing issues in computing education. In addition to invited lectures, paper, panel, poster and “tips & techniques” sessions, the conference provides facilities and exposure for working groups of up to ten members, whose final reports may be published by SIGCSE.

In 2005, this Working Group met during the ITiCSE Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, and created the following report.


ALMSTRUM, V. L., BARKER, L. J., OWENS, B. B., ADAMS, E., ASPRAY, W., DALE, N. B., DANN, W., LAWRENCE, A., AND SCHWARTZMAN, L. 2005. Working Group on Building a Sense of History: Narratives and Pathways of Women Computing Educators. SIGCSE Bulletin inroads, 37(4) (Dec. 2005), 173-189.


This working group laid the groundwork for the collection and analysis of oral histories of women computing educators. This endeavor will eventually create a body of narratives to serve as role models to attract students, in particular women, to computing; it will also serve to preserve the history of the female pioneers in computing education. Pre-conference work included administration of a survey to assess topical interest. The working group produced aids for conducting interviews, including an opening script, an outline of topics to be covered, guidelines for conducting interviews, and a set of probing questions to ensure consistency in the interviews. The group explored issues such as copyright and archival that confront the large-scale implementation of the project and suggested extensions to this research. This report includes an annotated bibliography of resources. The next steps will include training colleagues in how to conduct interviews and establishing guidelines for archival and use of the interviews.

Working group members

The three Working Group leaders were Barbara Boucher Owens, Lecia Barker, and Vicki Almstrum.

The other Working Group members were Elizabeth Adams, Bill Aspray, Nell Dale, Wanda Dann, Andrea Lawrence, and Leslie Schwartzman.