ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Award

The ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award is presented annually to an outstanding educator who is appointed to a recognized educational baccalaureate institution:

  • recognized for advancing new teaching methodologies, or
  • effecting new curriculum development or expansion in Computer Science and Engineering, or
  • making a significant contribution to the educational mission of the ACM

Below are the CEOHP interviewees who have been recognized with this honor.

  • Hal Abelson Interview: Overview
    Overview page for the CEOHP interview with Hal Abelson, professor at MIT and a founding director of Creative Commons.
  • Matthias Felleisen interview: Overview
    Overview page for CEOHP interview with Matthias Felleisen, cited for creating a design-focused introductory curriculum and for educational outreach programs for pre-college students.
  • Nell Dale Interview: Overview
    Overview page for CEOHP interview with Nell Dale, widely known for her textbooks for introductory computing courses and her pioneering work in Computer Science Education Research.