Forms for CEOHP

As a research-centered project, the Computing Educators Oral History Project complies with the protocols of human subjects guidelines for its projects. Because Institutional Review Board clearance for qualitative human subjects research such as conducting oral history interviews varies from one university to the next, researchers must know the requirements of their own institution’s review procedures and forms before beginning research.

The forms on this page are used for all interviews in the CEOHP collection. These forms are designed to meet the needs of both CEOHP and our archival partner, the Charles Babbage Institute. The key issues are to ensure that each interviewee understands all facets of the project, including the disposition of the interviews and their rights as an interviewee.

The content of the CEOHP forms can serve as models for designing forms for similar projects. You can learn more about the ethics of conducting oral history interviews from the Oral History Association’s Evaluation Guidelines. For questions about these forms or procedures, please contact the project leaders.

Informed Consent Form

  • Signed by interviewee and interviewer before the interview begins
  • Explains the project, interviewee/interviewer rights and responsibilities, and the process for addressing questions about the project

Public Background Information Form

  • Collects data about the interviewee that will become part of the permanent archive and thus public information

Private Background Information Form

  • Collects data about the interviewee that is used within the project but is neither part of the permanent archive nor publicly available.

Interviewee Deed of Gift

  • Signed by the interviewee (or the interviewee’s representative if the interviewee is unavailable) after the interviewee (or a representative) has reviewed and approved the interview recording and transcript
  • The signed deed of gift allows the interview materials to be added to the Charles Babbage Institute’s database for permanent archival storage
  • The deed of gift lists any restrictions on the use of the interview

Interviewer Deed of Gift

  • Signed by the interviewer at about the same time as the Interviewee Deed of Gift is completed