CEOHP in brief

The Computing Educators Oral History Project (CEOHP) is a multi-year, grassroots project to collect and preserve the oral histories of computing educators.

CEOHP was conceived to address factors that affect decisions made by women and girls about working in the computing field. Thus, a specific goal of the project is to disseminate the voices of female computing educators so that they can serve as role models, with the vision of ameliorating the declining numbers of women in the computing fields. Through collecting career stories and artifacts from a variety of computing educators, this project can result in a set of tools to aid in improving the number of women and girls who work in and study computing.

CEOHP has been enacted in two phases. Phase I (2003-2006) consisted of project initiation and formalization. During this phase the idea was conceived, developed, refined and turned into a successful NSF proposal (#0710536, 2007-2010). Phase II (2006 to the 2016) included a set of project activities designed to carry through the vision and disseminate results. We are now in Phase III, which includes the process of redesigning the website as an Exemplar for the ACM History Committee‘s SIG Heritage Project.

To date, the project team has:

  • created and re-envisioned this project website
  • developed oral history themes to guide interviews and analyses
  • developed an interview protocol
  • recruited subjects to be interviewed and volunteers to conduct the interviews
  • started to analyze the interviews, using grounded theory techniques, to find event paths in the interview
  • provided each subject the opportunity to review the transcript and revise / update it.

Our annotated list of CEOHP publications provides additional information about the project.